Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Cover

About a month ago, both at San Diego Comic Con International and Yahoo! TV were we provided the first clips of Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. According to Mike Vogel, Vice-President of Development at Hasbro Studios, we can now expect full clips from the movie to be headed our way!

This specific clip has the first bit of dialogue between The Dazzlings when suddenly something strange happens in the Equestria Girls world. Also, Ishi Rudell, director of Rainbow Rocks, tweeted confirming that Adagio Dazzle is voiced by Kazumi Evans, who you may know as the singing voice of Rarity and Princess Luna. You can find the clip after the break below, if you don’t mind spoilers of course.


Mr. John de Lancie has been announced for BABSCon 2015 this April in San Francisco, CA! This will be the first pony con that de Lancie has appeared in since February 2014. You can check out the full press release below the break:


Harmony Con, a start-up convention in the Los Angeles area, has announced its inaugural event: a 24 hour livestream. The fun and games will start on September 2nd, 11:00 am Pacific Time. According to con staff member DarkPhoenix, the event will...