Ponyville Ciderfest, an upcoming convention taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is having a Labor Day sale going on right now! Regular badges are $5 off the regular price of $35, while the Spike Sponsor and Super Sparkle Sponsor badge tiers are being offered at a 10% discount. The sale only lasts until midnight CST this Wednesday, September 3, so if you’re interested, make sure to visit their registration page to take advantage of the deals.


Once again our friends Dustykatt and Screwball at SBMF had a fantastic guest on this past week. This time they sat down with M.A. Larson, popular show writer, giver of wings, and receiver of belief. Once again SBMF is asking for your help with...


About a month ago, both at San Diego Comic Con International and Yahoo! TV were we provided the first clips of Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. According to Mike Vogel, Vice-President of Development at Hasbro Studios, we can now expect full clips from...