Build-A-Bear to Unveil Fluttershy on Black Friday

Build-A-Bear to Unveil Fluttershy on Black Friday

Source: deviantArt

Source: deviantArt

MLPG4Merch released an update that the Build-A-Bear Workshop has plans to expand its “My Little Pony” plush line to include Fluttershy, with a current release marked for November 29, Black Friday. She will be joining the likes of Rainbow Dash, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Spike. Following the current trend of MLP plush pricing on Build-A-Bear’s website, consumers can expect Fluttershy’s pricing to start out at $25 and increase based on optional outfits.

As of now, it is uncertain whether or not Build-A-Bear intends to use the release of Fluttershy to advertise a large sale or event during the most infamous American shopping day of the holiday season; however, it would not be unheard of.

6 Responses to “Build-A-Bear to Unveil Fluttershy on Black Friday”

  1. I❤MLP says:

    Cool! Do you know if Fluttershy will be released in England? Also I got twilight thinking they will stop the line (what my BFF told me)now my mum says I am not allowed a bear until 2014… So I might as well tell Santa for one!
    Any way it is a 50% chance she is not coming out! I hope she does she is my fav pony!

  2. FLUTTERSHY :] says:

    im so excited!!! I love flutter shy!!! I was hoping that they will get fluttershy !!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fluttershy Lover says:

    Oh my gosh! Yay! I will have to drag my mom over to build a bear once again to get fluttershy and my bab rainbow dash will finally have a friend!

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