My Little Pony Creativity Contest by WTVY

My Little Pony Creativity Contest by WTVY


Local news channel WTVY of Dothan, AL is promoting My Little Pony fan art for it’s current edition of Creativity Month.

Citing the success and praise of a similar contest last October, WTVY is asking viewers to share their own fan contributions either in the form of original music or an original design for its Pony News banner. The news channel intends to use the winning piece for it’s internet site as well as television broadcasts in attempts to provide news of the fans as well as the show itself. Specific rules and submission guidelines are clearly stated in the article.

This story personally warms my heart. Being originally from Alabama, I have known the place to often be less than tolerant. Whereas I’ve met some fantastic people while living there for most of my life, the general sense of community and consensus was often steeped deeply in traditional values and ideas of masculinity. Seeing such an enthusiastic and open response to a fandom that challenges these norms gives me a lot of hope for the future. And though I learned from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that we will never need everyone to accept and support us in order to be happy with ourselves, when support starts coming from the last place we expect, I feel all warm inside. Thank you, WTVY.

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